Service Partnerships

The Corporate Mental Health Company

At the Corporate Mental Health Company, the Zulu greeting, sawubona, is at the heart of our business model, actions and interactions with others.

Sawubona is more than a greeting. It literally means “I see you, and by seeing you I recognise your worth and dignity”. It communicates to the other  person that you are gifting them your attention and presence, and thereby mirroring their value back to them. We believe that transformation needs to be walked and that great teams come when you build relationships first.

With a shared passion for removing the stigma that surrounds mental ill health in general and in the workplace, Stoffel and Nika joined forces and founded the Corporate Mental Health Company.


Momenta Training UK is a partnership between HCB Group & Momenta Global from Australia, who have joined together to deliver training services, using a combination of behavioural science, nudge theory and motivational interviewing, to improve conversation outcomes for anyone whose daily function includes having challenging conversations with staff, colleagues or customers.

Currently the Momenta Training is only available in the UK, Ireland and Australia.  However, it is our medium-term intention to offer the Communication to Influence training in South Africa.


ODG, an MCG Health company, provides unbiased, evidence-based guidelines that unite insurers, administrators and employers in the effort to confidently and effectively return employees to health.

ODG by MCG is comprised of evidence-based and data-driven treatment guidelines, return-to-work guidelines as well as cost modelling. The guidelines and analytics are designed to make it easier for case managers, claims assessors, the HR Community and healthcare providers to tackle the industry’s most important challenges including timely return-to-work, medical management, reserving, risk assessment, and interventional triage. Additional features include the RTW Prescription, which allows for sharing of evidence-based care plans, and a metric called the TAO Index (Treatment Analyser on Outcomes) that measures the correlation of each medical intervention with timely return-to-work, as well as the ODG Job Profiler, a solution which helps insurers, third-party administrators, and employers identify and mitigate the risk of injury by creating a customised Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) for each job function, adjusting disability duration guidelines according to job demands.

HCB Group is a distributor of ODG products.  If you are interested in using these services please get in contact with us. The ODG guidelines inform and support one of the pillars of our case management philosophy and have been helpful in setting and managing return-to-work expectations. We would be happy to share our experience in using the ODG products with interested clients and partners.