Employee Health Management FAQs

HCB Group’s unique approach combines Absence Management, Early Intervention and Vocational Rehabilitation into an integrated, case managed service.

What is the difference between Occupational Health and Employee Health management?

Occupational Health is defined by Collins Dictionary as “a branch of medicine that deals with the health of people in their workplace or in relation to their job”. HCB Group focuses on identifying the real cause of the absence, (many of which have social determinants that have been medicalised and there is no medical condition at all), and working with HR and Line Management to identify, and dismantle return to work barriers.

How does HCB Group deliver this service?

HCB Group has developed a complete suite of products which combine Absence Management, Early Intervention and Rehabilitation in a clinically-led, evidence and science-based environment, which dovetails with existing Occupational Health provision or replaces it completely, depending on employers requirements.

HCB Group’s granular understanding of the Biopsychosocial model enables our Case Managers to categorise conditions. Leading research shows that a very significant proportion of absence incidence arise where social or non-medical factors influence an employees ability (or inclination) to return to work.

What are the financial and contractual implications of working with HCB Group?

HCB Group’s services can be sourced on an ad-hoc basis, meaning no costly retainers are necessary, clients simply pay for what they use. HCB Group advocate face to face initial consultations with absentees, as we believe this galvanises a trusted partnership with the appointed clinical care coordinator and significantly improves sustainable outcomes.

Why is HCB Group’s service better than those of its’ competitors?

HCB Group’s unique service is underpinned by 3 scientific pillars, which we call “The Science behind the Service”. It is outlined below. We have spent a quarter of a century honing our service, and carefully selecting tools to use, and partners to work alongside. Clients can only find out by trying the service to experience our truly outstanding results.